Estimate a riders Watts per Kilogram (w/kg)

This tool helps you measure up the competitions watts per kg. Just how much more power did they have than you?

All you need is the hill climb result sheet and the hill's length and height gain. You could also just see what watt/kg are required to achieve a personal target on your local hill. Sometimes environmental variables can cause the numbers to be off. If you use the same event you should still get a rough idea as to the difference and how much improvement is required.

NameTime (hr:min:sec)Watts/Kg
Optional Kg
(Unlocks required watts to match time)

Things that can skew the numbers

  1. Low grades - The hill is not steep enough to remove aero component
  2. Tail winds - Tail winds on low grade hills can cause inflated numbers
  3. Downhill or flat sections
  4. Drive chain efficiency
  5. Rolling resistance

If results are taken on the same day calculation should be close enough to make rough assumptions of performance.

How much mass is my ass?

If you know an individuals wattage for a hill climb you can use the above to calculate the mass of rider. So "watts / wpk = mass".