Everesting Calculator

Welcome to the Everesting Calculator. Thinking of an Everesting attempt but don’t know which hill to choose? Enter in a few hills to find the best hill for you. Before an attempt please check your hill meets the rules at the Official Everesting site. Estimates are just a guide, please don’t get angry at me if you are on ascent number 50 and the estimation said 49 :-)

Also included below is the Watts/kg required to meet your ascent average speed, worth checking this is in the ballpark of your capabilities.

Hills for Everesting
HillSpeeds (km/h)Results
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Kg (Unlocks Energy Expenditure in Kj)

What is Everesting?

Everesting is a cycling challenge. Simply climb your local hill as many times to accumulate 8,848m (the heigh of Mt. Everest) of elevation gain. There are rules and a site dedicated to the endurance challenge which is here.

Watts/Kg & Ascent Speed

A difficult part of planning an Everesting attempt is just how fast you can keep on going up the hill. In fact just how fast should you start off? Pointless going hard at the start and collapsing with nothing left half way through. Some help to this is to use the above to set your average speed based on the calculated Watts per Kg. If you know roughly what watts you can climb at when absolutely spent then I would start there in your estimation of average ascent speed. Simply tweak the Ascent speed to get the W/Kg in the right place for you.

When comparing hills it is also useful to keep the Watts/Kg roughly the same on all hills. This shows that the effort going is comparable at the speeds you have set.

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