Fix Quarq Offset Drift

If you have had a big drift from your Quarq power meter’s offset during your ride, Don’t Panic! in just a few steps this tool can correct the drift. All you need to know are the following:

  1. First of all what was the incorrect offset?
  2. Secondly, what is the correct offset?
  3. and finally when did the drift occur?

How do I fix my power data?

  1. I only know on Garmin devices how to do this. You need to rotate the pedals forward whilst selecting the Calibrate function. It will say ‘Calibration failed’, the offset now displayed is the current incorrect offset. Remember this number.
  2. Now we need the correct offset. Do this as normal by selecting the Calibrate function with the drive sideĀ  pedal down. Remember this number.
  3. Punch in the numbers below and select the TCX file for your ride.
  4. Load your corrected TCX into your training software.
Fix your Quarq Offset Drift km km

Please remember to keep the original You will lose the following from your file:

  • Laps
  • Temperature
  • L/R balance