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CCC 65 mile reliability

I’ve been tempted out from my predominantly solo training by the Congleton CC reliability rides this winter. The first one of 49 miles was a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed that. I did however feel I contributed little to the ride and felt a little too fresh on my return to the HQ. This time I didn’t want to be simply swallowed up into a large group. So I and a few others broke away from our starting group early on.

This time I also remembered to load the route into my Garmin. On the 49 mile course two weeks ago I forgot to do this. I stopped for a natural break and realised I didn’t have a clue where to go. Luckily after a few good calls at junctions I caught up to a group that knew the rest of the route.

For the first 20 miles I was on home ground which lead to a navigation error. One of my more frequent routes is to Beeston Castle, I think I must have been day dreaming and was in autopilot mode when I took the group left at the Boot and Slipper pub heading for the castle. Our error was quickly rectified with a U-turn and we were back on our way with the next few miles re-passing riders me a little red faced.

The route was pretty flat with a lumpy section in the middle through Utkinton and Delamere, but nothing too challenging. In fact a brief tailwind blew us up Delamere.

to the left of the bridge a bad day out

The home leg was again back on to the roads I knew, this was except for one Batemill Lane. A lane that almost saw me swimming. A short descent lead into sharp right hander, sharper than I had expected, I was carrying too much speed and was forced outside on to the muddy churned up verge. Scrapping with the bike to stay upright I was out of control, the final destination came into view, a bridge over a river, to the right of the bridge the road, to the left of the bridge a bad day out.  How I managed to sneak the right side of the bridge wall I still don’t know. I later found out my dad was taking photos at this bridge. I had already had my incident before he had arrived, which is a shame as I would have loved the photos.

Riders safely negotiating the Batemill Ln bend.
Riders safely negotiating the Batemill Ln bend. To the right of the wall a ‘bad day out’.

After I finished I had a quick break at HQ and then went to find my mum who was also riding to give her a bit of encouragement for the final miles. On my way to meet her the sunny morning weather disappeared and in it’s place came a cold wintry hail storm, fortunately this quickly passed. In the end my Mum didn’t seem to need my encouragement, I arrived and she was looking happy and pretty fresh, finishing the ride a good 1-2mph faster than the 49 mile only a few weeks ago.

Ride stats

Duration 3:20:00
Distance 106.616 km
Average Heart Rate 144 bpm
Average Cadence 87 rpm
Average Speed 32.5 kph
NP 243 watts
Nonzero Average Power 244 watts
Max Speed 56.2 kph
Max Heartrate 166 bpm
VI 1.125
Elevation Gain 426 meters
Gradient 0.4 %
Left/Right Balance 48.4 %

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