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Tonight was the first installment of the interclub roller racing face off between Congleton CC and Leek CC. Held at the Den Engel bar and restaurant in Leek. I decided against riding tonight. It didn’t seem worth it so close to Sunday’s race. Although I still brought my bike along just in case I could be persuaded. I wasn’t. I felt a bit guilty not putting myself forward and I must admit I was close to crumbling and grabbing my bike.

The races were short sprints with a few rounds of 250 and 500 meters. Lasting no more than a minute. It looked fun and pretty safe as you are held from the side which limits the risk a bit.

I had a go at holding a rider, it seemed more dangerous than being on the bike.

As there is no air resistance to fight with it is a test of cadence. Running a compact chainset would have been a disadvantage. My maximum gear at the moment is a 50×12 so would have struggled to spin my legs fast enough to be competitive I think. Despite this the juveniles stole the day on their restricted gearing which just goes to show how trainable cadence is. I believe Alex Coates won although it wasn’t officially declared before I left. He impressively spun a 42 front chainring very fast.

By the end of the evening I was satisfied that I made the right decision not to race. I think to throw in something unaccustomed this close to a key event would have been reckless.

It was well run by Swinnerton Cycles who had all the equipment and I’m looking forward to the home leg of the battle yet to be arranged. It’s good to catch up with club and TT mates which doesn’t happen often enough outside of the TTing season.

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