Planning workouts using the TSS Calculator

It’s the transition and preparation period for most. I’m currently planning my base period micro cycles, I know rock ‘n’ roll ay. To help me do this I use my TSS Calculator. It gives me a better picture of the likely stresses for my workout. Having these estimates I can be progressive with the planning of my training load. It can help me structure my micro cycle to allow sufficient recovery.

Let’s take a look at this magical tool of which I speak. It’s very quick and easy to estimate your workout’s Training Stress Score using the calculator. Here’s a step by step.

  1. Enter your FTP
    This isn’t actually a required step but in entering your FTP wattage you will be given a more accurate estimate on the KJ/Calories you will burn during the workout.

    Enter your current FTP
    Enter your current FTP
  2. Enter time in zone
    Simply enter the time you plan to spend in each of the zones during your workout. For example the staple workout for me during my base period is simply 2 hours at upper zone 2. So I enter in the hours column ‘2’ and because this is upper zone 2 I select from the drop down menu in the NP column ‘2.8’. From making this selection¬† I’m already given information about my time in this zone. TSS will be 102 and I’ll burn through 1591KJ of winter indulgence.

    Enter time in zones
    Enter time in zones
  3. Review the workout estimates
    These totals can be now entered into your training plan.

    Review the workout's estimtated TSS and Kilojoules
    Review the workout’s estimtated TSS and Kilojoules

Imagine the scenario of not having your power meter during your workout or the data was lost! Did you forget to press ‘Start’? In these hideously unfortunate set of circumstances, do not despair, we can still make a good guess of what you did. Simply estimate the time you spent in each zone during your workout and enter these into the TSS Calculator. Unfortunately all the KOMs you bossed cannot be restored.

To start planning your workouts check out the Workout Training Stress Score Calculator.

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