Base Period 1 Workouts

The Base period is all about getting your body ready for the build period, this is to come in a few weeks. For the base period workouts I am training to train.
The first base period within the meso cycle, base 1, tends to be broad in its objectives. This Base period will take me from November to the start of December, just 4 weeks. By the end of this period I hope to be comfortable holding race position and ready for more demanding workouts.

Base Period 1 Objectives

My target events this season will be time trials on hilly sporting courses. Due to this I will be ensuring that my base period includes mostly mixed terrain routes. Two limiters I have had this season on these events has been leg speed and force whilst descending and the ability to maintain ‘race position’ whilst climbing on moderate gradients.

  1. Adjust to time trial bike ‘race position’ and improve endurance holding this position. Race position is: rotated hips, flat back, head down, chip up and shoulders in.
  2. Improve pedaling stability under load and high cadence.
  3. Improve force production in ‘race position’
  4. Maintain aerobic endurance
  5. Maintain muscular endurance

Training Sessions

I’ve used the TSS Calculator to calculate the training stress and calories/kj of my workouts.

Code Targeting Workout Summary Est. TSS KJ Time Frequency/wk
AE Aerobic Endurance 2 hours at heart rate zone 2/3. Mixed to hilly terrain. Low/Medium gradients hold ‘race position’ for as long as possible. Increase time in ‘race position’ from 5x5mins to 2x15mins over the weeks. 110 1,600 2:00 2
MF Muscular Force On a hill, select biggest gear in seated position. Max force. 3×12 revs. 75 1,150 1:30 1
SS Speed Skill Single speed on flat to mixed terrain. Zone 2/3. Set gear for 90-100rpm at target average speed. Spin gear until rocking in saddle. Gear: 17×50 80 1,225 1:30 2
ME Muscular Endurance 2×20 minutes at sweet spot power zone 3/4 100 1,340 1:30 2
S Strength See 0:30 3

Weekly Micro Cycle

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Training time: 11:30 (bike) & 1:30 (gym)

Calorie expenditure: 9,480 (Daily requirement 9480/7= 1350 + 2100 = 3450 cals/d)

Following base 1 I will move on to base 2. In base 2 I will focus more on Muscular Endurance changing the sessions to be perhaps 40-60 minutes in length with an extra session in replace of a Speed Skill session.

Checkout my Training Diary to see how I am getting on.

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