Workout TSS Calculator – Estimate a workout’s Training Stress Score™

  1. Your FTP watts

  2. Time in Zones (Power Zone details)

    Zone Hrs Mins NP Est. TSS kJ/Cals
    1 RecoveryRPE: <2 X
    2 EnduranceRPE: 2-3 X
    3 TempoRPE: 3-4 X
    4 Lactate ThresholdRPE: 4-5 X
    5 VO2 MaxRPE: 6-7 X
    6 Anaerobic Capacity RPE: >7 X
  3. Workout Estimates

    Workout URL
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About the Workout TSS Calculator

TSS Calculator, estimate the Training Stress Scoreā„¢ for a workout. Just enter in the time you plan to spend in each power zone. Begin by entering you current Functional Threshold Power (FTP) below. Then enter the total time you plan to spend in each power zone. You can also tweak the estimated Normalized Power to better fit your planned training. If you don’t know your FTP the default value will still give you a TSS please use the RPE scale to judge your zones.

Training Stress Score™ - TSS, Intensity Factor™ - IF, Normalized Power™ - NP are trademarks of Peaksware, LLC


  1. What would be helpful is just a rough estimate of TSS based on a guess of IF or NP for the ride. If I have a client who’s power meter is down, and I still want to plot CTL, I would need to create a value. Not totally accurate, but I could guess his IF based on how hard the ride was.

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